About us

Since the end of World War II, armies all over the world have transformed from strictly fighting to venturing into business activities. Modern military formations such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and even the United States of America have so far made giant strides in the entrepreneurship world, in order to better the welfare of its personnel.

It is in this light, that the NAPL Group was established as an investment arm of the Nigerian army to explore and harness business opportunities towards improving the welfare and well being of the Nigerian Military personnel both serving and retired, their families as well as the general populace.

NAPL Group consists of a network of business conglomerate specialized in Oil and Gas, Travel and Tours, Hospitality, Mining, Health Care, Courier Service and Real Estate.

The group operates on a local, national, regional and global platforms for mutual and general benefits and progress by blendingthe rich and inherent military work culture and ethics with modern business best practices in entrepreneurial partnership.

NAPL Group has a work culture that interprets Integrity, Excellence, dedication, Innovation, Ownership and Hard work, which guides the its manifesto.

It is through these values that we fulfill our commitment to remain focused on improving and delivering the very best of our services and development.